Friday, December 02, 2005

Dear diary,
Wai Yee is here. Now the time is 10.42PM. I’m just back from cycling. I’m feeling very calm now. I’m also listening to S.H.E’s Bu Xiang Zhang Da. This morning, Mom woke me up so early. I followed her to do some stuff in the town. It was raining and I was shivering because I wore only a T-shirt and a short pants. After that, we went shopping in Gama. First I thought that it would be pretty bored. But it turned up unexpected, I bought another shirt again from Oreef. Muahaha. It’s irresistible. (I'm quoting Hot Cup) A simple white shirt with the pink sleeves. So beautiful. Mwah. It belongs to the surfing type. Mom bought a light orange T-shirt with collar. Haha. My favourite colour. By the way, I forgot to tell you diary that my room is painted with orange now. It’s beautiful. Alright this afternoon, Mom, Sis and me went to Lu Ying’s café. We chatted of course. We came up with a conclusion that we’re going Prangin to watch The Chronicles of Narnia on the December 8th. More than 10 people are going. So I think it’s going to be a huge group. I can’t wait!

Daphne told me their camp night is on the 19th. I think I can make it. Alright, I put this here to remind myself. This is because this crazy Wai Yee never care to take a glance at the calendar and she doesn’t even now what day is it and the date. Till then, take care everybody!

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