Sunday, December 04, 2005

Hmm. My dearest blog. I've been laughing too much since a few minutes ago. I almost got chocked and you almost lost me. Lol. What the heck am I crapping? Yea, I've been laughing till now. First it's because of some conversations in MSN. Second, it's because I saw something which almost make my stomach burst out! Alright, stop about that. The reason why I update my blog now is because I think I'll never have time to update it again these days. I'm busy with some stuff and my siblings is going to play Neopets 24/7. I just finished hanging clothes outside and I found that the hangers are not enough for the clothes. Stop Wai Yee! Enough of those craps. You'd better stop it now or people will have physiological effects after reading your blog. Yea, I'm crazy again. Talking to myself.

I have a strange thinking about guys today. Everytime when they break up with their girls, they will like asking their girl's best friend to take care of her. But if you really want her, won't you take care of her yourself forever? When guys say I love you, they didn't mean it. I can assure you girls. They say they'll love you forever and ever but at last all turned up like a piece of shattered dreams and this will only hurt the girls or maybe both parties. So I came up with a conclusion that sweet talk are just temporary lie. Don't ever fall for it or you'll be thrown into a sweet dreams. Sweet dreams are really nice but what will happen when you wake up?? You'll just find out that all was just only a lie. You're living a lie. Can't you just simply life your life to the fullest and stop building castles in the air?? I will of course love myself more and those people in my surroundings. They're actually the best friend of yours. Do appreciate them. Yea, you might think that I'm simply a lesbian or insane. Perhaps you're right, I simply love Sin and my gf(s) more than guys. They lend me a shoulder to cry on and patch back my broken heart. Thanks girls! =D

Alright, here's some pictures.
I already uploaded some of them in my friendster and changed the background image too.
Here's the first trial.
Image hosted by
P/S 1: Phang Ling said this is something like dead people and suitable for funeral.
P/S 2: Sin Yong said like dead people only.
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Second trial:

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Third trial:

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Fourth trial:

P/S: This is what I did for Sin Yong after her comments. Thanks Sin!
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Fifth trial:

P/S: Sin wants the quote broken promise and shattered dreams. But too bad, I don't have those brushes.
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Final piece:

P/S: Those trials were made last night and this final piece was freshly made this morning.
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