Thursday, December 01, 2005

Alright. I'm feeling calm now. Listening to Hei Se Mao Yi by Jay Chou, his new song. It's very nice and please don't insult Chinese music. I hate it so much. Don't read my blog if you're that kind of person. Well I've just changed the address of this blog. I keep on moving this blog. Sigh. There's a spy in my house. I'm just updating this blog because Sin Yong keep urging me to do so. Honestly, there's nothing much to blog about my life. This afternoon as usual went for Chemistry tuition. All went well. After dinner just now, I went down to cycle. Crazy Wai Yee went cycling at night. Well, that day I just now deleted all the messages sent ny my cell phone. So it's like a lot. More than 100 to be exact. I read each of it and my memory like flew back to the past. My trial's time and exam. I can't finish revising and I keep on complaining. Haha. I felt very funny and stupid after reading that. I'm so naive huh?? But now I'm longer that immature. I'm feeling grown up a little bit. Perhaps that everyone will feel that after much experience. Hmm. Now listening to The Day You Went Away. I really have nothing to blog about tonight. Oh yea, I already got my allowence. So what do you guys think about it? Hehe. That's it. Next thing I'm going to do is hanging out with friends in Gurney at December 8th to watch The Chronicles of Narnia! By the way, I'm here to remind myself and you guys about my birthday. Guys, I want a birthday cake! I know this sounds stupid and childish but I like it! It would be nicer if there's 15 candles on it! I'm counting on my cousin for free movie. I'm soon going to be bloated with free Mc Flurry by Sin Yong and Shawn.
So when you're celebrating Christmas, please think about me k! *winks
If you want to wish me, sms me! Blah! Who will?!?!?!
Anyway, I guess nobody will give it a damn. I'll just move on with my simple life. Holidays is one month old now. And yet I didn't make good use of it. So regret. I'm going for something for one month. Perhaps won't be onlining so often. Just wait for me to appear k if you miss me! =D I'll be missing you guys!

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