Friday, December 09, 2005

Sin Yong is urging me to blog again. I'm sorry to abandon this blog again and again. I'm so busy! But I don't know what am I busy with. Maybe I should go and visit a doctor. I'm so sick. Something which is so annoying is 'growing' inside my mouth. I'm suffering. My pimple on my nose just got better. I was really embarassed with it everytime I go out. It's not as comfortable as always. Alright. I'll stop complaining. I planned to do something which is not so hard for Miss Daphne. To be frank, I really have no patience to mache 28 cardboards and toilet rolls with tissue and those annoying sticky starch which I have to wash my hands at least 1/2 an hour after using it. I'm so sick! I'm really sick, no kidding.
Dear blog, now it's already 12.53AM. I'm now telling you my life. My life is quiet perfect these days. My Dad is in his good mood everyday. Just now all of us went out and everyone was having a great time together. Happy Family Day! We went shopping and etc etc. Just now my Dad asked me, when's your result going to be announced? Do you have confidence in scoring straight A's? I was like no, oh my God! Holiday is so short and I'm going back to school again! No! Not that prison again! I hate house practice and I hate Pritam! Lord! I hate Daria! I hate almost everything in school! I hate the future extra subjects I going to learn! I hate Physics! No! Don't send me back to school yet! No!!!!!! I don't want! I hate course works! I hate running up and down like mad people! And there's something which I really hate most. Which is cutting down my sleep hours! No! It's going to be a nightmare for me thinking about school again. Heck, I still have to. I'm going to buy my textbooks soon. My new pencil case! I have lost mine after PMR. I don't know where did I left it. I really need a pencil case for my studies. Besides that, I need 2 pairs of new pinafore which my Mom doesn't allowed me to buy! My pinafore is like so erm. I don't know what to say about it. I really feel uncomfortable wearing it. It's fabric is not as smooth as those quality ones. I regreted why I bought that type. My Mom forbidden me to buy a new one with the excuse that it's still nice and I can still wear it. In other words, she means I'm not growing tall or fat. This really make me sad. Alright, I'm counting on my Daddy for new pinafores! *smiles widely
I'm here to complain about my uncontrolled money. I just got my allowance a few days ago. I was supposed to keep it or use it wisely so that it could last till the end of the month. But no! I didn't. I don't know where did the money gone till left half only! No! I'm supposed to save it. I'm saving it for the outing soon! But now..... *Sobs
One of the reason why I lost RM15 is because of the stupid BM tuition. I just stopped for wo months and when I paid the fee, he said you must register again. Please pay another RM15. My lord! What the heck! Are you running a business or teaching sincerely?? I was cursing inside myself throat cutter! You're going to pay back one day! Nah. I don't think there's still teachers teaching sincerely excluding Miss Lee and Miss Kin. All their eyes is only on $$. $_$ So no money, no talk!
I really have no idea where the other spendings went. I can't control my spendings. Lord! I think I'd never bring my money out. So I'll never got to spend again. Haha. *_*'
Today I went for two tuition. One is in the morning. It was BM. Hate it because I missed two month's lesson and I was so blur. One is in the afternoon. It was Chemistry. I love it so much! Lessons about Chemistry are so nice. Actually something special did happened during the BM tuition. It was cute indeed. Don't ask me what is that. I'm not going to tell anyone. Shhh. Secret.
Breaking news! My glasses are breaking! Haha. Liani is piercing her nose in KL soon! Woot! I can't wait to see her 'new' nose!

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