Saturday, November 26, 2005

Well I slept early last night and I dreamt something that I ain't supposed to dream off.

To dream of an old or former lover, signifies unfinished/unresolved issues related to that specific relationship. Your current relationship may be awakening some of those same issues.

Alright my task now is to erase him from my mind. So get out!!!!!! I don't want you!!!!! You mean nothing to me!!!! Out, out, out!!!!!!

Stop about my stupid dream last night. I bet it won't come true anyway. Hehe. Today is so boring. Illy is doing her friendster stuff again. Sigh. So boring. I'll try to blog later. Anyway yesterday I went Prangin. I have the new goggles with me. It's blue! So nice. Hehe. I'll see if I can blog later because there's nothing special to blog about.

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