Monday, November 28, 2005

I'm back to blogging again after two days without any posting of entries. Alright, yesterday I was really annoyed by my brother. Yesterday I thought my peaceful life was already ruined. Indeed it was and even now. Everything seems to go against my wish. Last night when I tuned into 988 I heard Vic's singing, Make A Wish. After it finished playing, a guy DJ said, if you're given a chance to make a wish, what wish will you made? Hmm. Then I started to think again. I think I'll wish for a peaceful condition. I always hope that there's someone or any organization who or which will make a difference to the world now. This world is getting worse day by day. Terrorist attacks and bomb explosion destroying buildings and grabbing millions of lives per day or even per hour. Especially those Islamic countries. Alright you might think that I'm insane or out of my mind, but in fact this is really a very serious matter, concerning the condition now and future. Alright I'd better stop discussing about this matter right now.

Hmm. I've got a bicycle today. Today went to Grandma's house. Owh. You'll never know how much I love my Mom, my Aunts, and not to forget my Grandma. They're always the best. I'd always make a wish whenever I'm praying. I always wish the best for them, the best health to be specific. I want them to stay forever with me. I want everybody that is with me now to be with me forever. I love all of you. You all make up my life. Without all of you, my life would be extremely dull and rusty. I hope all of you will remain with me to go through every ups and downs in my life. Again and again. I love all of you. Please be with me and leave me not. I'll express all my feelings here as I'm not a good speaker. I don't know how to express my feelings towards the one I love so much.

Well, I have planned to buy an ice-cream cake for my Aunt tomorrow which happened to be my God Mother since I was born. Tomorrow it's her birthday and we'll be having a dinner together.
She always want the best for me. And me too. I love her the most. Thank you for being so caring always. You've started to take care of me since I was small. Thank you a lot.

And I was just reflecting back the moment of my friends and me having fun in Genting this year. It's a super duper incredible awesome funky nice pretty beautiful unbelievable extremely unforgetable trip. I swear I'll never forget any moment that we spent together. I'll beg my Dad if I get 7A's in PMR this year to let me go Genting again with you guys. I hope that he agrees. I'll end here. It's such a boring day.

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