Saturday, November 19, 2005


I have just changed my blog address. All of this is caused by my troublesome sister who wants to know about my blog desperately. She found Sin Yong's and mine yesterday night. Without any choice, I have to change the address again. Luckily this address doesn't have an owner yet. She's (my sister) is so busybody about my monkey business! Could I just shout at her and said PLEASE RESPECT MY PRIVACY?? I'm very angry with her right now. Yesterday I went and sleep with my Mom, don't want to sleep with her. I just woke up only. SIn must be still sleeping. Joanne must be still sleeping too. But my god brother Shawn already online. What a morning person. Actually I have changed to a morning person from night person already. I sleep before 12 at night and wakes up before 10 in the morning.

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