Tuesday, November 22, 2005

I already changed the time I blog which is every morning when I woke up. This is the most suitable time as my sister and brother are still sleeping like a pig. So yesterday went through smoothly. These 2 days I'm happy with my life and the tip-top condition of my surroundings. No bad scoldings, and no extra house work to be done. Well yesterday went to Prangin, my sister and Mom bought new handphone while I'm watching with my saliva everywhere. Lol. When I looked back at my purse, I was so dissapointed. Why don't I cut my spendings before this?? Alright, stop about that. My Mom bought K500i then my sister got my Dad to buy her a Nokia 6030. Nokia 6030 is so stylish and cool man! I'll buy one if I already save enough money. (As if Wai Yee will) I'm so broke now. Sigh. Yesterday it was also my sister's birthday. She's satisfied already when she got the handphone. So we just brought her out for a dinner. I saw Vicky somewhere when I was having dinner. Well I can't recognize her because she already cut her hair short looking like a guy. But it's nicer than last time.

Have you ever guys heard about Santa Claus? I'm sure you had. I heard something over the radio yesterday night. There's somewhere called Santa Village located in Finland. So based on its name, there should be something playing in your mind right now. Santa Claus? Presents? Christmas? Christmas tree? Snow? Or perhaps ELVES??? Yea, more than half a million people visit that place every year. At Santa Claus' Main Post Office there are many assistant elves speaking different language all over the world. Many kids all over the world write to the Santa Claus mainly England, Japan and other western countries. It's like many people visit there to search for the true Christmas spirit. Well, born as a Christmas girl, I would wish someday I could visit that place. Santa Village. Wait, I'm coming! Lol!

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