Friday, November 18, 2005

I spent this whole afternoon searching chinese midi files (Guardian Angel-Hong Jun Yang) but I failed when it came to the upload session. I can upload but without any HTML. So if without any HTML how am I supposed to put it in this site? Alright, finish about the midi. Just now when I almost make it to success, my brother came and close the program. Everything's gone just because he wanted to play neopet. What the heck is so special and nice about neopets? It's such a childish site with games or whatever nonsense that it has. Shhhhh. (I also created an account there, but it's inactive) I broke the record in whack-a-ghost today as I had completed all the levels with 1000NP. Neopets is so stingy that even you achieves more, the maximum neopoints rewarded is only 1000!

This evening as usual watched 'The 'W' files' though I always don't get the story. It's very complicated because I always skipped that drama. At 7PM continued with 'Life begins at forty'. Before that, as usual, daily work, sweep and mop the floor. My hand mucles growing bigger already. Sigh, it's so painful. Nothing memorable to blog about today. Oh yea, before I forget this, late in the evening just now, sky turned dark and there were thuders and lightning. I told myself not to be scared anymore because I lost a friend that always calm me down and be my side when there's any thunder or lightning.

P/S. Someone should have really go and do the jealously test. I believe that person don't know who am I refering to. But if he/she is a smart person, he/she should have go and try out the test! I did it last time and I still remembered the result. My jealously percentage is around 30 something.

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