Wednesday, November 09, 2005

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Well guess what I've contributed to the world today? I skipped school today because very lazy to get up from my Slumberland. Yea, I added more carbon dioxide to the Mother Nature during the respiration process that occur in my body every single second. Daily routine continues. Sleep, eat, shit, piss, watch TV. What the hell am I doing with my life??? I mean like why am I wasting my own super duper damn precious time! Every second every minute counts! Cut the crap. Do I have nothing better to do besides crapping?? Every nano second????
What the shit am I doing??? Yaya. I produce a piece of shit again in this entry!!

Stop that, Wai Yee! You pay the Streamyx bill is not for you to waste the connection here for a crap!!!!!

OK. Here is the real post after much crap. Sin Yong (my friend, can be counted as my bestie) is in deep shit! According to her. Kindly refer to the chatterbox for more info. And I'm not here to reveal her secret. So Sin Yong don't worry. Think wisely what you're gonna do next. Remember all the love story you have printed from Go read back the message after the story's each ending. Don't wait for the time to express your feeling because you'll never know what's going to happen tomorrow. That's all I can tell you. You're the one gonna decide.

People say we're not true. But still we continued the journey. And now we spilt. People said we'll be up for only a short period of time. And yes, they have proven their words in around 7 months time. Though I still have the feeling for you, but I know you'll never be the same again. Some said I'll love till the end of time even I'm not loved back. Yes, I do believe because that's what I'm doing now. You have carved your name together with the memories in my soul. And it'll never be replaced. Just that maybe after some time, some of my feelings towards you will fade away. Your messages, your problems and how you treated me. Even though I'm acting like nothing happen right now, I'm still fighting with myself inside.

Endless Road by JJ
The truth is tearing up my heart
I can't recognize this place
The endless road without a stop sign
Can't even find a stranger this time
Why am i still holding back my tears
In this loneliness there's nothing to fear
Every chord still seems a wonder
How we could be together
Every time i ask if this would be the last
Why am i still talking to myself
Hoping you will have the keys to my cell
Every song might calm the weather but it just draws me deeper
How do i get out of this
I think I'll never will
A crystal forming in the eye
Maybe this would be the last
The winding pathdown my face
Till i begin to taste the bitterness inside

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