Thursday, November 10, 2005

Unpredictable day

Tralalala. At last, I went to school today. Illy played Memory Game with me and we keep playing like mad girls for a few hours, I guess so. I don't really remember about the time. Today the bloody Ass Gee Gee Ass organized something 'Ratu Cantik'. It's so crazy with only 2 contestants from all the Form 3. Everybody don't want to make fun of themselves I guess. The award was won by Lee Li Yin from 3 Delima not to forget her beautiful sweet face and nice clothes fitted with her nice body. Haha. School ended at 1.15 as usual. Boring school day.

Just now, I quarelled with my Mom over the housework. All always ask me to do even it's my sister's job. Haihz. I'm so bored with house chores. Sweeping, mopping, folding etc. Just now went for Chemistry tuition in Jungle. Oops! Sorry. I mean Forest. So damn sleepy being there. And guess what? I met my god brother, Shawn when I came out. Haha. So happy to see him after so long time. He's still tall and that means I'm still short! Lol! I kept smiling when I saw him. Haha. When I walked behind the building, he unexpectedly came out and search for me. I'm touched actually. He came to me and asked "Wai Yee right?" Then I replied "No." But alas I also surrender. Then we chatted a while then he went in. He then sent me,
Shawn : Saw me also didn't call me. Blek!
Wai Yee : I thought you already forget about me ma.
Shawn : No ler, I always remember my sweet little sis ma.
Wai Yee : Haha, I call you hang out cannot la, go Sunshine can la. Ooo. Lidat la.
Shawn : No ler, I was following my Mom. What to do?
Wai Yee : Haha. Just kidding only. Didn't expect to see you there ma. Kinda like very
surprised till speechless.
Shawn : Means don't want to see me la. Sob sob.
Wai Yee : No ler, I didn't mean that.
Shawn : Sien nia. Just now you didn't give me hug hug wan.
Wai Yee : Huh? You expect me to hug you in front of so many people ar? Pai seh wan la.
Shawn : Yerr. Didn't hug hug wan. Sob sob. You look like rush for time nia. So miss you. So cute
le you just now.
Wai Yee : Having dinner.. Reply ya later.
Shawn : Oh okok. Message me when you're done. I wait for you. Hehe.

*After around 10 minutes*

Wai Yee : Ok. Can continue now.
Shawn : Yer. You just now like very scare me wan. Haih. Sob sob. Some more didn't hug hug me.
Haih. I really miss you.
Wai Yee : Go hug your sis la. Beside you only.
Shawn : Yer. Haih. I want hug hug from you nia. Only you. Haih. Me so sad.
Wai Yee : Next time k.
Shawn : So sien. Hehe. I don't care. Next time I want hug you d.
Wai Yee : Me now online d. Online la.

*The conversation (sms) ended as he signed in to MSN already*

My cell phone credit is almost gone soon. Afternoon chatted with Jasen and just now with Shawn. Die already. Sigh.

By the way, Mr. Pilot is coming back soon and Sin Yong already ki hiao want to meet him. Haha. All the best!

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