Tuesday, November 08, 2005

It's Tuesday again!

This morning, I played truant and slept till 11 something in the morning. Yesterday night, I can't figure out the reason why I can't sleep. I played pick-up sticks with my sister till middle of the night. But still I find myself hard to sleep. Perhaps I'm suffering from Insomnia. Alright, cut the crap about my sleep last night. As usual, I continued playing my role at home doing the house work, which is sweeping and mopping the floor. Then I followed my Mom to fetch my brother from his school. After we came back, I prepared to go for Physics tuition in Forest. I was really looking forward to find out what's Physics really about. But, when I called Joanne, she said the tuition is postponed to 6 o'clock in the evening. So OK fine, I followed my Mom to pay some bills and we went to Pn. Sandha's house. We brought some old clothes to her house for donation. She'll bring the clothes to some kind like charity house. Erm, when I saw her, she's a bit older d. I think she's stressed. She's going to India already. We came back around 5 something. My Mom cooked and later send me to tuition. Today we learnt about the reflection of light and some calculation. It's not really hard like what I've expected but I just couldn't draw the diagrams right. I don't know why. SPM is really a scary thing and it will soon arrive in my life. Sigh. After tuition, I went to Sunshine Farlim and I bought myself a bright orange jacket. It's from the VOIR Group. My Mom bought herself a dark brown baggy pants and an orange sleeveless top. It's awesome to shop around with my Mom. It's because I love to buy clothes. I love shopping man! The orange jacket is awesome and cool! It's just RM29.90. Cheap right? That's why I go for it! Haha. Then we came back at 9 o'clock. My Dad showed me the paint catologue and asked me what colour I want for my room. And OBVIOUSLY I choose ORANGE! It's my favourite colour for now. After much quarelling with my sister over the colour, she finally agreed to take up Orange Paste. It means.. Yea, I'm gonna paint my room with my favourite colour. It's my room anyway, not hers! The colour should be decided by me not her! She's just some kind like new stranger in my room because I had it personally last time and its was so peaceful with me alone. Now she's in already. I guess I have to share everything already. We just quarelled over the pc just now. It was all both our fault. Yea.. I learnt to say "It's my fault" already. She wanted to play Neopet and I wanted to online. So I let her to play first and now I'm onlining. No harm to both parties. Both got the satisfaction already. I'm so sleepy now. All this crap is specially for Sin Yong who always ask me to update my blog. I'm so freaking tired now! My mind keep thinking about it again. I can't take it out of me. I'm so freaking dead! If this continues in Form 4, I'm sure gonna be a dead meat! How I wish this never happen in the first place. I promised myself already, NO BGR until 21. I'll hold on to my promise!

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