Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Mr. Right for me!

Hmm. I'll post another entry as compensation. Sorry, these few days don't really have the time to blog. Alright the title of this post is A Perfect Guy for me! Lol! You might think why am I choosing this as my topic. Not that I'm going to start another new relationship with any of the male species or whatsoever. It's just for fun! (perhaps it'll change from time to time) =)

Well, a perfect guy for me must possess the following characteristics :
-able to make me laugh, smile, cry
-know how to comfort me when I'm down or whatever
-don't have to agree with me always as I'm childish sometimes
-MUST know to pity those unfortunate people
-don't speak any bad words even we're having bad quarell
-listen to chinese + english music, if there's any insultment about chinese music, he'll be 100% rejected!
-not really handsome but good-looking
-if we're dating on the net also or even we have never meet before, he must NOT be FLIRTING
-respect my decision in the sense that if I said NO, means it's totally a NO-NO and he'd better think of the ending before he does it
-wipe my tears away if I'm crying (I know this sounds stupid, but I like it)
-lend me a shoulder to lean on
-smile always, not any Black Michael's face around
-doesn't whack any woman up (this is actually a very important aspect as there're MANY cases of women being abused by their own guy)
-knows when is the right time to be serious and when to be funny
-too dumb to lie (I hate liars)
*this list will be continued

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