Sunday, May 03, 2009

Poker face- Lady Gaga

is awesome!!!! Go download. Kbye.

I'm totally doomed. Math test on Monday and I have not finished the homework. I'm so afraid of the upcoming speaking test. Grammar damn shit. Chemistry exercises piling up to the sky because I don't have the physical book. PA graph also untouched, plus the bahagian E. Damn damn damn. And the main thing is, I have not started to do my revision yet. Let's see if I could actually score a chicken egg this mid-year.

Apart from studies, my purse is getting thinner. Sedang mengalami defisit instead. Grrr.. And guess what, I have a feeling my phone is gonna kaput soon. My printer needs a new cartridge. I need a break.

I played with photoshop just now with the excuse of destressing. I know, contradiction to my earlier statement (not studying). Actually I'm in the rush to complete my math homework.
Photoshop and new graphic card can wait after STPM. Alright this is too much.

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