Saturday, April 25, 2009

MUET exam finally ended. Didn't expect it to be so difficult. But I guess Form 6 is 'merciless', in a way.
Don't even dream of passing the exams without studying, not a chance. And the passing said is not 50 or 60. It's the red ink; which I have gotten for my Chemistry this mid-term.
Oh yea. there is still a speaking paper to go. I hope it will turn out better than my performance today.
I could not finish ALL the papers on time and had the invigilator to wait for me to pass up the paper. Among the three papers, I think reading was relatively easier. As for writing, I screwed up most of it, about 80%. No comment unless you are interested to know that I misspelt cheek as cheeck. Whatever happened, I don't know. I left a few sentences hanging up in the space and not only that, some sentence that I forgot to continue, so there's basically no flow at all. Patches of point and elaborations here and there. And mind you, it's only A POINT, not many points. Damn. Did I just let the cat out of the bag?
Moving on to the listening paper. The questions were not direct as expected. We had to understand the whole passage, interpret it and write down what exactly they want. And many times we had to memorise the passages played for the sake of the keywords. And the limit of words was seriously pain in the neck! Enough, the more I type, the more exasperate I turn!
Another weird thing is, I wanted to sing 'If I were a boy' so much when the exam ended. And now, I'm listening to Christmas songs. Don't blame me. It's the time of the month when ovulation is just over and the level of progesterone is high. Pn. Neoh, are you happy now? I'm applying the knowledge from the notes you distributed. =X

Here's some pictures to make up for the lack of content. Forgive me, eh?

To sum up the Genting-KL trip
and the motivational camp at Pendang Lake Resort, Alor Star

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