Sunday, February 01, 2009

Here’s the rule: Use Google Image to search the answers to the questions below.Then you must choose a picture in the first page of results, and post it as your answer. After that tag 7 people.

1. the age of next birthday: 19

2. place i'd like to travel:London

3. a favourite place: nowhere

4. nickname i had: nasi lemak seller
Once upon a time, back in primary school days, I used to have nasi lemak everyday day during recess, which explains my fatness now. and the name arised when people asked me tapao sometimes. thank god it stopped during secondary days. Actually I had lotsa nicknames before, but I could rarely recall. So this is it. Hahaha..

5. a favourite color: grey
You know, they say there is only either black or white, no grey.

6. a favourite food: tomyam!

7. college/university major: nutrition
the reason that the answer is in the smallest font is because I myself is unsure. Haih. Actually it took me a while to find the answer. but the kid in the pic seems so cute, if don't put him here, wasted ni ma. I know you must be thinking, wtf like this oso can. me too!! OK la, I wanna do something related to health.

8. name of my love: Needless to say, it's JIMMY LIN!!!!! Come on everybody let's say it together JIMMY LIN!!!!!!!!!! Hahahahaha!! *siao mode on*

9. a hobby: sleeping, reading, whatever i feel like doing at the moment

10. a bad habit: procrastinate

11. my wish list: yea la, good grades like everyone else.

I tag: NO ONE. Hehehe..

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