Saturday, June 14, 2008

Hahaha!! Kacau-kacau in the cbox again. -_____-

Woke up at 5.40AM yesterday when I slept at 2AM the night before. This is the first time I woke up so early. Psst.. All because of Joanne la. Because the day before yesterday I arrived late at her house. She was kinda pissed off. Pffftt. Anyway, I was early and even went up to her house. Then off we go to the Rat Island, that's what she calls it to buy our breakfast. Lol. It was expensive. >.<
School was typical. Bleah. Had PA, Math, Chem and Bio. Anyway, came back at about 6. Washed car. Took about an hour. KNS. I hate birds! Expecially their poos! Can't they just poo on the grass instead of my car?!! I had enough cleaning their droppings every single time I wash my car! Grrr..
After picking up my brother at 7PM, I came home and sleep till this morning. HEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!
So satisfied! But I think I overslept, still have a lil feeling of 'hangover' now. Must avoid the sunlight like a vampire.

Had a good time talking to Jo yesterday. Haha. Discussed stuff about people. LOL.
And oh yea, I pranked Christine ACCIDENTALLY yesterday when she asked for Jo's number. LOL. It ended up so so so lawak! Enough about this, I need to run now. Have get ready because Ms. Tan asked me to start my journey to a tuition centre that is below my house at a friggin' 2PM when the tuition is gonna start at 2.30PM! SO CONSIDERATE OF HER! Fuhhhhh!

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