Saturday, November 11, 2006

Speaking about results, I dropped! My position and the overall percentage. Blame me of course.

School isn't school anymore. I mean we don't study anymore just go to school for the sake of ... (I don't know the reason too) We played games but it's VERY boring! I thought I will have fun after the exams but I'm proved wrong.

Sometimes, you want to speak up but you're afraid to hurt the other party. So what do you do? Share your feelings with the others? Or keep it to yourself? I usually keep it to myself. But this morning I chose to let it out. Am I considered a backstabber? You decide. Anyway, I strongly believe in myself.

Girls, do you prefer to be sweet or pretty? Hmm. I would choose sweet. But I know I'm not. So shut up! To me, sweet is a wonderful. Most people can't help to like you. Being pretty will make most girls jealous of you. That's my opinion.

It's all random-ness since I can find ZERO topic in my bloody brain right now. I'm feeling SHITTY!

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