Saturday, November 18, 2006

I think this person must have either lost his mind or his baby.

School holiday begins today. The first day is almost over. Well, I did lots of things. Wanna know? I perspired the whole afternoon. Thanks to the sunny day. Besides that, I also eat, sleep and go to toilet as well. Do all these counted? Yes, because I'm in motion. Not static.

A little bit of Physics here
Work done = Force X Distance

See. I did worked!

Blabbers :

I was not allowed to take my afternoon nap today due to some reasons. According to Sin Yong, I actually "disturbed" her this afternoon and she punishes me. The punishment is to write her 3 testimonials. Haha Sin Yong, you testimonial freak or maybe testimonial sucker. She is also a prankster! Read her blog for more details. Then you will know the good deeds she did this afternoon. I want to change the skin again! Any suggestions?

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