Thursday, October 26, 2006

I have lots of things to do, yet I'm lazy.
  1. Add Maths assignment
  3. Add Maths Homework (tuition)
I HATE ADD MATHS! It's driving me crazy. OK, I admit, I'm too lazy to practise! Practice makes perfect, but it's easier said than done!!! Grrrrr... I'm not in the mood of doing anything except to relax myself and watch the television whole day long. So you can imagine how LAZY I am.

Yesterday night, I went to Sunshine, shopping with my Mom. We encountered this incident.
The couple (old) was paying for their stuff.

Cashier: Uncle, RM95.41 (I can't remember the exact amount except it's almost RM100)
Uncle: Huh? Is the amount right? So expensive ar?
Cashier: Yea. (She then explained to the uncle the price of everything that he purchased literally)
Uncle: *shocked*
Wife: *still keeping quiet*
Uncle: Huh? Why do you buy this? So expensive. (I'm not sure what is it but I think that particular thing costs him RM20++)
Wife: *mumbles*
Uncle: Cancel this lar, so expensive.
Wife: Aiya, no need lar, so much hassle.
Uncle: *grumbles and pay unwillingly*

It's not like he can't afford it. Stop being ridiculuos and stingy.
Don't tell me you're going to bring the money together with you when you're dead. Sigh............................................................................................

Just had sushi for my lunch. I'm bloated now.
I've finished watching a drama entitled 'The Biter Bitten'. And I'm in love with Benny Chan again. He's so smart and cute in that drama. WTF!

I'm reading 'My Sister's Keeper' again. Nothing else to do. But the cover never fails to attract my attention.

I couldn't resist the innocent eyes.

My table is still a mess, need to clean it up before the holiday ends. I don't know why, but I'm dying to work during the coming holiday. It's a long holiday and I feel like earning money myself. Of course, not as crazy as Daph. Not that RM3 per hour. I would better stay at home and pamper myself if that's the case.

Conclusion: I need to overcome my inertia and get back to work! No more lazing around and slugging in bed all morning. *Runs*

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