Tuesday, October 31, 2006

I can say that I'm dead. I had and still having butterflies in my stomach after my PJ teacher read my name out this morning. She didn't mention the reason but just a smile. A smile which only God knows the meaning. Earlier during the lesson, she said she saw our Biology papers because her seat is beside our Biology teacher. SHE SAID SOME OF US DID BADLY!!!!
She mentioned a few names including Esther, Christine, Vicky and mine. I'm never going to make it for Biology. Biology will always be a closed book to me.

I have to say 'Fuck you' to myself for the bad performance in this exam. Well, I'm mainly a screwed up student in every single thing that I take. Physics, Add Maths and everything else. I'm still considering whether to work or not during the school holiday. My result is going downhill and I'm not going to risk it anymore for the sake of SPM! That's freaky, yeah.

Last lesson in Forest today. Physics. Tuition will be continued in December. However, my Add Maths tuition is the opposite. We'll still be having lessons in November but December.

I have decided to skip school this Thursday. Many people will do so. Because we have to wear our traditional clothes to school again, for the second time of this year! Illy tried to persuade but sadly she failed. Sorry girl!

Finally, got my Physics marks today. hAhA for scoring this sucky figure, 76! WHAT THE FISH!

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