Saturday, September 16, 2006

I'm here again, back to 'you' to tell you about my life. Practically everything that happened this whole week.

Family: No problem. We can communicate without any arguments or trouble.

School: Yea, a lot happened. Pn. Nik left us already. Pn. Goh's coming back and I'll be doing my oral this coming Monday. My class is most likely to in deep trouble as some, OK, I would like to refer them as hooligans or in a better phrase, uncivilised people. Enough with the condition of the class which is always dirty, these people are now involving the innocent ones in the class into this deep trouble. They've gone far beyond expectations and they thought the rules made are for fun, to trouble them, and so they went against it. Not the normal ones, but the huge offence. A big, serious and unacceptable offence. Wish that the school would tick them off. If the innocent ones were to be blamed for the offence that they've committed, I wonder what is going to happen. The class would be a mess! Because of you, you might think that you could sing this song very well but didn't you realise this yourself? You can point at other's flaws but what about you? Go back and think yourself, spoilt brat. Think twice before you start to talk about the others. You've been pampered too much that I think this has made you out of control. You might be good in other things, but you failed miserably when it comes to cooperation, dicipline, teamwork, and self-realisation. I have been putting enough with you and if you come and mess with me again, I will not consider to shut myself down anymore. Throwing my money, scolding me like your dog with the loud voice of yours and the oh-so-perfect words! You've been the pain in the ass since the beginning of the year, and now it's even more annoying. If only you could see from the other view, you should have known that you already hurt them and they've been sacrificing for you. For the sake of the word 'friends'....

Exams are coming. The fear.... The atmosphere is tense but I haven't start any revision. What on Earth is happening to me? It's already the finals, why am I still fooling around?

From now onwards, I'll be calling my family members in my blog here as how I call them in real life. So yea, Ah Ma, she's going to Thailand. She'll be boarding the bus at 3 o'clock in the morning later. I really hope that I'm there to wish her a safe journey. I don't know why but I could feel that I miss her a lot. Maybe I have some nonsensical thinking again in my mind. I promise myself that I'll go visit her this Sunday, as soon as she she's back. No matter what the circumstances are, I don't care anymore. You might think I'm a little bit out of my mind but you know, it's my feelings. I can't control it. No matter how old am I, I'm still your little granddaugther that you used to carry in your arms. To my Mummy and Papa, I'm still your little daughter. I don't know why am I so emotional today, I just couldn't figure it out.

Something to motivate myself:
WAI YEE, wake up from your dreams! Enough of the sweet dreams! You should be studying nto whining like you have nothing else better to do. You have a lot to do, remember? You want this and you want that. Achievements.

Sin Yong, next time, no more of acronyms. GH. Genting Highlands, General Hospital. I really thought that you were admitted into the hospital! How foolish I am. Stop laughing la.

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