Saturday, September 02, 2006

Had Biology test this morning. Many people skipped school today, but this made no difference. The test was still on. The day was basically sitting in the class, doing own work. Hahaha! I joined the twins and the gang to bug the Indians in the class about their boyfriends. Some were honest and brave to admit, I salute them! Some just tried to run away from the 'reporters'. Haha. Anyway, I had much fun.

Sin Yong,
This is for you.
You might think that I'm not reasonable at all for not talking to you, but honestly I don't feel to. You seem to be changing. Resembling those who you hated before. I can't stop you from changing. It's your own rights. It's not that I want to hate you. I don't hate you. You're just changing day by day without realising. Many in the class are changing too. I can see many fakers and posers. This makes me not to believe in friendship anymore. I realised that I can't put too much hope on friends. Backstabbers and hypocrites are everywhere.

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