Friday, August 11, 2006

Sigh. People change, don't they? As time goes by...
I've never expected the people around me to change but yet they do. An enormous change is going on.
The people that I least expected to change, they proved me wrong.
While the people whom I expected to turn from bad to worse is proving me wrong. (I'm glad with this but not the one above)
Why is this happening? You can never know what am I thinking. Being a person like me is very complicated. I don't know what word on Earth could describe my feeling now. Speechless. Honestly, I'm confused. Why do people living behind their masks? Why they can't be themselves? Hyprocrites. Exactly. I'm not trying to angelic or preaching. I told myself to be myself but yet sometimes I fail. Seriously, I hate failure. I hate failure, this doesn't mean that I CAN'T accept failure. I can but the feeling is too terrible. Now I don't know how to differenciate between white and black. Perhaps I should give up. Life is never easy or fair. I feel like giving up but I always tell myself that someday I'll overcome the obstacles. I will and that phrase worked and made me stay strong till this moment. I fought with it because I know I'll win after some time. I don't see what's the point of commiting suicide. It's the worst solution, don't you think so? Tell yourself, one day it'll be over and you'll continue to travel throughout the journey of life. Although it is never easy with fighting, but as long as you have faith in yourself, you'll win. Believe me. Because when you believe, there is a light of hope which comes with a miracle. Believe, hope and miracle are simple words, they're short but they mean a lot.
Have faith in God, believe that you'll overcome all the problems one day.

I believe in :
  1. Myself
  2. God
  3. My family
  4. Karma (I strongly believe this)

The emphasis of karma in Buddhism is on cause, not on effect: Buddhists do not say "it was due to her karma that it happened to her"

5.Angels (I believe that they exist)

Let's talk about something light and relaxing. I visited my grandma and aunts today. I'm glad to see them after a long time. I miss them and I always bug my Mom to bring me to my grandma's house. Nothing is more precious than family bonds. When you grow up, you'll know who is the most important person in your life. Family or friends? You'll certainly choose family. You'll realise how important they are. Teenagers nowadays always complain that their parents don't understand them. The most famous line is :

My parents don't understand me. We just can't click because of generation gap.

Pardon me if I'm harsh. If anyone says this in front of me, I'll either stand up and walk away (if I'm not annoyed enough) but if I am, you know what I'd do. Grow up, people!! Teens now don't know how to appreciate. Too much influence from their peers. It seems to like a trend now and teens follow it blindly. One day they'll regret.

Another thing, about writing all your problems ESPECIALLY love problems to the newspaper.
NONSENSE, CRAP, RUBBISH, FOOL, RIDICULE, which one do you prefer? I think all those words suit them to the T. They write shamelessly in a better phrase 'to pour out their CONFUSED feeling'. I realised many people like to use the word 'CONFUSED' when it comes to this love problem. Oh, come on. You can talk to your family or friends. Why must you make a fuss over the small, tiny matter like that? You feel great, proud, that you have many admirers?? H-A-H-A!! If you think like this, you'd better make the stage yours and pour out all your 'confused' feeling. Perhaps you'll get some sympathy. But certainly not the person like me. Call me the pain in your arse if you want but I don't mind. You're just so simply CHILDISH.. Thank God that I'm not.

I'm nervous. Tomorrow's the presentation. Singing in front of others doesn't make me feel good at all. I guess it's enough for today. Pardon me if I had been harsh in this post. I just can't help it. And again, I would like to stress that this post has nothing to do with anybody out there. I'm not being mean. I can't help too if you think that I'm talking about you. Read if you can bear with me and leave if you think you can't. I don't gain any profit or experience any loss from this.

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