Saturday, August 05, 2006

I finished the new look of my blog despite the fact that I'm actually very tired. Speech day was so boring. I dozed off when the headmistress was delivering her speech. I was bored to tears. But she ended up crying when she was about to finish her speech for she'll be leaving tomorrow, I mean today. 12 AM has passed already. So move on. All the best in your future undertakings, Pengetua!! Going off soon, my eyes don't permit me to stay any longer. I'm left alone in the living room. Some pictures at random.

Here comes the disaster of the day. Don't I look like one?

I know my smile is ugly. So what? That's not the point. Look at the blanket beside me. It has some cartoons on it. It is my brother's 10-year-old blanket. Haha! Can you imagine it?

Taken long time ago, but never bother to upload it.

And lastly, I got a 38 for my Add Maths. A STINGY 38! I never like Add Maths. It ruined me or otherwise. I always try my best, but once I panicked in the hall, everything's gone! Flush away like how you flush the waste you made every single day. PUFF! And they VANISH INTO THE AIR!! GONE CASE WITH MY ADD MATHS!!

Besides the new look of this blog, I have also removed the IP tracker stuff for it has done nothing good except making my blog looking more complicated. Goodbye!!

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