Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Well, I'm just here to kill time. My sister got 4A's and 1B for her Pemahaman. So I think there's a bright chance for her to get into SGGS. I just finished watching Sepet. Bloody fool, there must be something wrong either with the disc or the movie. The colour is not nice and same goes to the sound system. I can't listen clearly. Sometimes even the normal dialogue. Yeesh! The story line is nice but it's all ruined by the production idiots. I'm so gonna curse them for ruining this movie!! Oh yea, Sin Yong, where did your tag board go? Is it that I already flood it with my stupid comments? I think so, I'm the one causing your tag board to go missing. Anyway just viewed your blog just now. The link part, Wai Yee - my bestie, I thought you're supposed to put that below Alan's blog link? Because he should be given 'special treat' as he is your DEAR~~! *Runs before Sin Yong whacks me*

Alright stop the crap. I've to go now. There's a mosquito beside my ear. Anyone out there having mosquito repellant? I hope it repels only mosquitoes not humans. Lol, why am I crapping so much? Did I seems to have nothing to do? By the way, I think there's a half good news here because I'm not sure yet. I'll ask my father tonight. Hopefully he lets my sister and I to go to Gurney with Sin Yong, Khaw Lin, and Crazy Girl to watch Harrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrry Potterrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!! Whoa!!!!! I guess that movie is nice and spectacular based on its trailer. Don't let it turned out like 'STEWPIG' MADAGASCAR! I'm so mad wasting money for MADAGASCAR! Mad-MADagascar! Peace out everyone! Have a nice day listening to the nice song I've just changed in my blog.

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