Wednesday, November 16, 2005

It's already been some time, but I'm still unable to get you out of my mind. Before we started, we did suffered. All of this is because of me, I don't dare to start this relationship because I knew that it won't be long. Last time I still had a friend before I go to bed or even I'm unable to fall asleep. We would messaged each other till I fell asleep. I'm always the one to fall asleep first. However, you've never blame me. I'm so thankful for all you have done to cheer me up when I'm down especially the bubbles you have once sent me before. All my moments I wish to share with you. I want you to be the first person to know. You're one of the miracle that happened before in my life. And I know this miracle is only once in a life time. Though we've never officially meet, but we still wait patiently. But as what we have expected, it doesn't last long, dreams for 7 months on the net has shattered. I've never blame you, I've never hate you before. Although you told me to hate you because you have caused me into this trouble. It's better to be angry than regret. Yes, I still have you in my mind but so what? You're no longer the same anymore. I wrote this to express my feelings, please don't misunderstand my meaning. I've never want you back. Your words keep playing in my mind. I don't dare to listen to Tong Hua anymore. That makes me to think of you and alas my eyes would just filled with tears. You have made the right decision since the day you went away from my life. You made both of us waste no time anymore and stop the dragging of time. Thank you for living in my mind even it's just a short period.

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