Sunday, November 13, 2005

Break record! Third post for today.

I'm breaking my own record! This is the third post for today. I'm so free huh? (You guys must be thinking this in your mind) Yea, perhaps I am. So find something to keep my occupied. Something for me to kill time!
Alright, tell you guys something. I'm obessed with photography. I'm willing to strain my eyes in front of the computer and editing stupid pictures. I'm so crazy till I get scolding almost everyday. But so what? I like it k!
Just went back from Tesco. Saw the rambutan head there. Haha. She's so cute ler. Blur blur like that. Today for the first time in this year, I'm wearing skirt again. Wee! The last time I remember when I wore skirt is during my uncle's wedding which is last year. School pinafore is excluded. I'm feeling weird to wear skirt again because I love to wear baggy pants every single day! Lol. Baggy pants rules in my cupboard. I so going to more and more baggy pants, as if I can because I'm so broke! Till now, I again declare myself broke! Totally broke!

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