Monday, January 10, 2011


It has been ages since I last updated. Semester 2 has finally started after a month's of rotting back home in Penang. I need to say that this semester is definitely much more challenging and tough. Given the hectic schedule, I'm already like a dead fish now. Anyhow, I still enjoy it very much. It's like pushing yourself to the edge and see how much or how far you could really go.

I'm just back for a week plus now but I have went out twice but this is definitely will not go on for long because I'm occupied during Saturdays with coccuriculum activities for 14 weeks!

Looking forward to the 29th because I'm gonna be back then. I think I should go out tomorrow to get a couple of stuff, yeah?? Yeah! Doubt no more!!! Wheeeee!!!

*JPA said I tolak their tawaran! T.T!!!*

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Sin- said...

lol hw come?
submit ur form late ka?