Friday, August 13, 2010

What the hell am I doing here? Aren't I supposed to be studying for the two upcoming tests? Or even preparing the bloody speech to be presented on Monday. Hate this period! Arghhhhhh.. Why am I here? 395km away from home, studying to get a scroll just like that?! I hate paper chase!!! Endure all those nonsense and be patient whenever shit landed directly on my face? I doubt my purpose here, my aim and almost everything. In fact, I lost the orientation of my life. Disconnected from the world outside for such a long time, no radio and TV. Reading newspapers only occasionally.

Done ranting. Kthanksforreading.Youcangetlostnow,atthisverymoment.

I think I owe you, yea, if you think you are. A proper post. Or update, regarding my life here.
First, I am staying with a 2nd year senior. A chinese, if you really must know.
Second, I'm taking 18 credit hours this sem. A 3-hour lab session is counted 1 credit hour. How great is that?
Third, I am purchasing water at 20 cents per litre from the R.O. water machine. Just don't let me start on the taste of the water here. GROSS!
Fourth, I am spending my money like water here. Like water supply without a tap. One day, the water will run dry.
Fifth, I am taking buses everyday that I almost forgot the feeling of landing my butt in the proper seat of a car. Sometimes, I need to stand too and bloody inconsiderate bus drivers purposely accelerates through the bump. We need traffic wardens here, seriously. Where are you guys when we needed you the most?
Sixth, I am living in a hostel that some people pee in the bathroom (not toilet) and it stinks the whole atmosphere despite the notice/warning pasted. I guess the notice is too difficult to be understood or the occupants are simply illiterate!
Seventh, I enjoy retail therapy here because of depression. I grab any chance I could to be away from the campus. Even the risk of going out alone.

I shall stop here. 7 points. Because my birthdate is 25, 2+5=7. I jot down 7 because it is my number and I love it. Whatthehellla, IthinkIhavelostmysanity.

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