Thursday, August 20, 2009

Just a short and brief post because I itch to update.

Gotten fever this afternoon, but feeling better after consuming a few pills.
Skipped PA tuition because I don't wanna spread my disease. Haha.
So after taking the pills, determined to start studying seriously. Took out the table and the hard wooden stool so that I have no place to lean and could start paying attention. Started off with Bio, wrong decision! Read but nothing could be absorbed! Fed up, feeling sleepy. Went to the bed and wanted to sleep. Closed my eyes but my brain just won't stop functioning! I feel the pressure from everywhere and everyone. The worst came from myself. I realised that I just couldn't continue slacking. Just let me score a decent result, alright?
So anyway, go back to my story of trying to sleep. I just wanna get a deep sleep to refresh myself. The sleepy effect of the pills is kicking in and I tried to sleep. This is the first time that I tried so hard just to sleep. Welcome back, insomnia. So much for trying to study seriously.

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