Sunday, March 15, 2009

Came back from Relay for Life about 2 hours ago. Morning, went to join some guides thing, shouting by the roadside opposite SGGS. If you passed, I was the one with the red bag. Hahaha..

Performance of cheerleaders from SGGS
YAB Tuan Lim Guan Eng, not a fan of him, but my brother is. An avid one too.
Hui Min, Esther, Stephanie, Hsia Sheen, etc.
Saw some Disted's friend too.
A rainbow, damn nice one!
Performance by some Golden Ladies whatever I can't be bothered to remember them.
Some spanking hot moves by people from Celebrity Fitness

After coming back, makan dengan banyaknya! Until now.

My day is so eventful and interesting huh..

Oh yea, this is for you, my beloved dear Sin Yong!

Taken during Form 6 orientation

Taken some time ago during CNY

Taken outside Kuan Yin temple, also during CNY

No need to repeat d la, I know you all get what I mean.

Shall stop now, it's taking forever to upload a picture! I tak suka!

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