Sunday, July 13, 2008

Since Ms. Tan and Sin Yong asked me to blog, OK, give them some face. Lol.
I did not promise to blog like to really 'blog', so don't come trashing me if I don't write properly.
*cough ah tin cough*

Hmm. So what should I blog about?

We have a new student in our class last Friday. And she actually sleeps in front of our Maths teacher. The teacher went LOL. That's it. Haha.
My brother and I broke one of pendaflour tube at home. Don't ask me how. Dad was so furious. LOL.

When almost everyone around me complaining how jealous they are to see their friends scattered all around the world and getting scholarships, I somehow don't feel anything. Not even a tinge of regret for not applying or envious of them. Tell me why, did I somehow turned numb because I was partially invisible all the time? Talking about self-esteem. Sigh.

OK, I'm running out of things to blog about.
Something I've just done moments ago.
Block somebody from my MSN list.
Chatting with Sin Yong, Edward and Jamie.
Arguing with Ah Tin and discovered she has a nice set of EMOTICONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I used to hate emoticons so much because they're so annoying.
(Negotiation failed because she failed to understand what is nudging without purpose)

OK done blogging. Off to save all her emoticons!

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