Monday, June 02, 2008

So, how many people of you out there put friends before family?
I found out so many things over the years about friendship and it'll definitely put me into tears everytime I reflect it.
Seriously, I put in so much and nop, I didn't expect them to return everything to me. But just, please don't give me disappointments, it's enough.
So when Joanne asked me who had hurt me so much, I decided to keep it a secret. All I know is just secrets are meant to be secrets. Nobody's supposed to know it. Only myself.

God's fair but life's not.
And I read it somewhere on the notice board in Disted,
Bill Gates said that life's unfair and GET USED TO IT!
Yes, I totally agree with this.
Haih, I can't reveal too much in this blog. So erm, yea, just stay away from me if you can't stand me alright. I tried so much pleasing people around me and ended up getting hurt so deep.
I guess life's like that. I''ll accept it as a norm starting from now.

But there're some exceptions though. You know who you are. And there's no need asking me if you're the one. It's enough for now, I guess. I hope we can retain this relationship together.
If you're asking me whether maybe I'm the one with problem, please go long piak. K, enough said.

I wrote another version of this. Wanna read it? Hah. Hack into my account if you can. Lol.

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