Saturday, June 07, 2008

So damn bored k. Many things to do but I come online and blogging instead. The connection isn't any better than yesterday. Haih. So here I am. Wasting time blogging and waiting for pages to load. I can do many things during this period k. Why la I couldn't stop myself from coming online? Sheesh..
And I'm so bloody afraid now k. My English has deteriorated much since last year. What Daria said is true. My writing sucks so much that my sister can even compose a better essay than me. Very afraid of MUET now. Haih. What can I do? Don't tell me blogging k. Coz I have nothing to blog about, seriously.

And where is PSDC? Heard of many people saying it that they enrolled there. Taking engineering mostly. Very cheap bla bla bla. What shocked me was they only have around 6 girls among 200 guys. Yorr. Why am I being kpc and be bothered about random stuff when I have so many things to do before the holiday ends? Guess what I did the whole day. Lemme list them down for the sake of blogging.
Woke up at 8.50AM. OMG OMG OMG this reminds me of something!! I have to blog about this! I don't usually myself up early in the morning. Nop, not my Mom or sister. It's this little bastard!! Yes, I can't stand this any longer!!
I don't know where he got my number. But he called me, wait, I think, last week. When I answered, I heard this weird guy speaking some foreign language. Shit, I don't know what the hell he said. I don't even know whether the damn language exists! Or he's just uhm.. i don't know la. So fine, I said 'wrong number' and ended the call. But this stubborn bastard called again. Bloody hell. For don't know how many freaking times! Grrrrr!!! He seems to know how to irritate me to the max! Like when I'm sleeping and my phone isn't in the silent mode. Every single time without fail k! And I woke up just to see his number on my screen! I feeling like slamming the phone on the floor this morning! Grrrr!!! Whole bunch of miss call this week! Like this whole prank wasn't enough, he called again for around 17 times during my 2-hours-tuition. And the phone kept vibrating and distracting me. At last, I couldn't stand it anymore and switched it from vibrating to the silent mode. Silent means no ringing and vibration. So don't blame me if I don't reply your messages asap. The reason why I didn't turn it off because I'm afraid of emergencies. Haih. So ma huan. Anyone knows how to block a number from calling you?
Tell me if you do, please.
Damn bored now. So uhm yea, after waking up coz of the call. Breakfast, tuition, came back, rest a little while, go to sleep again, rest again before heading out to makan. Came back, rest again, and now come online. What did I do during the relax sessions huh? Very curious ar? Nop, not watching tv. I don't like watching tv k. I actually played pic-up-sticks and happy family. You say la, my life bored or not? Full of shitloads of stuff. Very ridiculous indeed. Sometimes I don't believe that I'm already 18 myself. Huhuhu.. T.T. Not kidding k. Laugh la how loud you want. I got no life while others are enjoying their teens years. Then wasted some time, helping out my sister. Disturbing my brother that was sleeping after I woke up. What else.. Come online lo. Talked to Joanne for awhile. Then pi toilet. According to her, I should seriously call her everytime I have constipation. Shh.. Don't wanna elaborate more. Or else, you'll wanna go to the toilet after reading this piece of shit.

Haha.. I think I should stop here after crapping so much. So yea, here goes another 'so-called-update'.

Above is the entry I typed last Sunday. Don't ask me bout the date. The setting of date is screwed up in my account. I saved it as draft accidentally. OK, since I saved it as draft, I should let it be, right? But something happened again. THIS FATEFUL MORNING. The bloody caller that I mentioned before messaged again at 7.04AM! Damn him for waking me up so bloody early. So as usual, this particular caller really knows when I switched on my phone and it rang so bloody loud! I thought maybe he already gave up since he didn't call last few days. But this morning OMG! I can't stand it anymore! He calls EVERY SINGLE TIME I switched my phone to vibrate and ring! I so wanna curse him right now and make him cry till he kneels down and begs at me because he don't understand ENGLISH! Muahahaha! So when I scold him, he wouldn't be able to reply. Nay, this is only my imagination. But I hope it'll really happen someday. Because he annoys the hell outta me! Wanna know bout the content of the bastard's message?

And nop, I'm not lying and nor your eyes are playing tricks on you. Is this even a language?! I was so bloody pissed off that I couldn't sleep anymore and ended tossing round the bed! Tell me what I did I do to deserve this torture!

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