Tuesday, May 06, 2008

OK la, since the word UPDATE UPDATE is screaming at my cbox, I shall blog tonight. Kau giak, since when I turned so obedient wtf?

Watched many many movies and few dramas this period. Water horse is kinda nice. Lol. 27 dresses sucks. I took almost 1 week to finish the damn movie. Others are old movies, like In Her Shoes. Speaking of dvds, Khaw Lin reminded me that I still owe her 2 dvds. Hehe. Shall return to her soon. Plus the essay book.

Many things happened too. The main thing now is I'm going back to Form 6. And yes, I'm truly, genuinely happy! Have you met anyone like me before? Enrolled in a college and a month later, screaming on top of her lungs when she decided to go back to school? Many people called me crazy girl but I don't care. The only thing that I regret is I wasted my parents' hard-earned cash. Wtf that striked me back when I received the damn SPM result? Why did I enrol myself in a college hurriedly? Sigh. Anyhow, I'm still happy to go back.

What's so fun about college anyway? I dread to go to college every single day. I hate the picking clothes- to- wear session every morning. Driving is fun! Then attend classes. -_________-!! Especially Physics in the early morning. The clock seems to be like ticking real slow during Physics. Don't know why. Maths. OMG OMG OMG. *slaps forehead and runs whenever I see the lecturer*. I love Maths but not the lessons. OMG OMG OMG no comment. The only thing that I like is Chemistry. I hated the lessons in the begining but it got better after awhile. Especially the organic part. Very interesting. The only thing that I'm super excited about in college is I can drive out during lunch and eat wherever I want. Muahahaha.. Super fun la. Especially when you go out in a big group.

Met a good friend there. Yes, seriously, she's the one that accompanied me for the whole freakin' month there. She has an excellent ability of learning foreign languages and master them in a short period. She speaks Japanese and Korean. And writing too. I have always admired people with this kinda talent. At least, she discovered hers. And me, NADA!! SIGH!!

I can't make my decision yet. Physics or Biology? I don't feel like taking Biology. But I think Biology will benefit me more in the end. Yes, Physics is interesting. Very indeed, or at least to me. But I don't have the confident to score. Grrr. I feel like pulling my hair now k. I don't know what got into me. Coz I felt like biting somebody's arms yesterday. Sigh. Wtf la..

Just realised that coffee will deteriorate my memory. Maybe some of you out there disagree with me. But I'm sure that coffee is the main reason of my memory failure. So, I quitted. No more coffee.

I seriously need some advice in choosing the subjects to take for STPM. Maybe I'll see the school counsellor when the school starts. Haih. I think that's all for tonight.

Khaw Lin, thanks for the award.
Sin Yong, there you go. A long awaited update from me. Muahaha. Other than that, I think no one else would read this stinky blog. Lol.

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