Friday, May 30, 2008

It's time to update again. *yawns* Thanks for the 'gift' at the cbox, kL and Sin.
So hmm.. What to blog about huh..
Holiday's here.
I could only remember a few things that happened this week. Shall write it down here.
Went to the library two days in a row. Not to study, just to complete my homework k! I know that I just can't do it at home. Too many distractions.
And tuition lo. Normal thing. Bored and fun at the same time. Joanne fetched.

(Tadah! She's driving in front. And the last part was Miss Phang imitating the barking of some dogs outside)

The craziest thing I did this week is we went 'ceroboh' Joanne's house. It was so darn funny. Muahahahaha!! She is the only friend of mine that dare to 'halau' her friends from her house when they pay her a visit. The only word that I could remember coming out from her when Carmen and I reached was, (bo akai eh!). Lol! I like to make to her angry! She kept us waiting outside for a good 5 minutes I guess. Anyway, Joanne, we shall pay you surprise visits more often. Nyehehehehe!! And don't worry, I shall bring your favourite food everytime I disturb to compensate.

(The short video that I managed to take)

P/S: Joanne, please don't KEEL me for putting these videos up.

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