Thursday, March 06, 2008

At work,
Me : Miss J, do I need to issue memo for this docs?
Miss J : *explains something and thinking*
Miss K : Why didn't you ask me? The job was given by me. And Miss J is not even in our department.
Me : *tulan-ing, wtf* That note was written by Miss J.
Miss K : But that note was given by me.
Me: *shut up and turns away*

FUCK YOU! I wasn't at my place when you pasted that bloody note. There was no initial like usual. And it was clearly written by Miss J. Plus, my initial is YWY not YMY. Get it right, fuck face!

This whole incident ruined my whole morning. FINE, I bear with your unreasonable reasons!

I was typing some address on the envelope. But I did a mistake and went to Miss L's place to amend it. Then came a call from Miss J. Apparently, Miss K was checking what I was doing in Miss L's place. Harlo! I'm gone for like only a minute and you started calling like mad! Wtf!

Me : What did Miss J say?
Miss L : Miss J asked what are you doing at my place. Miss K asked her to call.
Me : Wtf!
Miss L : Miss K thought that you are wasting time talking cock to me here. So mou liew, she thought we don't want to back on time but stay is it?
Me : What is wrong with her?! Everything I do also wrong. And she always do that eyes rolling thing to me. *curses deeply and continue minding my own business*
Lunchtime, in the pantry.

Miss N and I went into the pantry to have lunch. Miss K was eating some noodles. FYI, Miss N and Miss K used to talk alot together. But this afternoon, I could even hear a pin dropping.

Miss K finished her lunch and went out quickly. Miss N and I started to talk. Just some casual conver.
Miss N : You know what she told us? (My department's staff)
Me : What?
Miss N : Miss K always said 'Look at Miss Yong (me), she has no respect for the elders. And what is she always doing in Miss L's place? Chit chatting away..
Me : She is not someone that's worth respected. And, Mr. H is the one that pays me my salary. Why should I follow everything she says like a dog? *fuming like crazy*
Miss N : Yea. We are all the same. Just because her communication skills are better and she answers practically every call, she acts like the head of the department when the boss is not around. Distributing jobs and urging people to get it done for her.

And FYI, who is the one doing all those jobs? Us, of course. She, hahaha.. File also cannot take from upstairs. Must ask me to do it. I ran up and down for god knows how many times and even a pregnant lady from my department also has to do it herself, running up and down. She sits there all day long, in front of the screen. Doing her job slowly and checking on people's work. When she turns around and see I'm missing, 'where did Miss Yong go?' Wahlau, I don't need a babysitter k!


OK, enough about that. I'll just bear with her and when the time comes, I'll cabut.
I failed my driving test. Passed the road test but failed the hill one. So counted fail lo. I'm just blaming myself for not doing it properly. Entirely my fault that the car went backwards. Taking another one next two weeks. I shall give my very best and come out with a happy face. Haha.

What else huh? Seems like my life is so so so boring.
My Mom keep persuading me to go Form 6. I don't want lar. Diploma first or straight away a degree? Grrr... Which coll? Yorrr, why so ma fan wan?!
I give up, not thinking till next Wednesday. The D-day for SPM 2007's candidates. =)

Going to Cameron this Saturday. I don't feel like going but wtf, have to obey the orders. Went there before and it's so ulu, IMO. I'm not those 'I-love-Mother-Nature' person. I wasted quite a lot of papers when photostating at work. Beginner ma, don't know which to photostat. And I'd rather do it several times before getting it right rather than asking that snobbish bitch!

I got myself addicted to chic lit again. Been reading a few, those with happy endings that Lulu likes alot. So so so sweet k. So bubye, gonna go indulge myself in those dreams again with my prince. Hiak hiak hiak..

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