Sunday, January 27, 2008

Since Carmen is suggesting an update, so here it is.

Not planning to sleep yet, just wasting some time while waiting for my dad to come back.
So, what's been happening in my life? I don't know.
Just now I couldn't sign in into my MSN and the fault is I set the date of the computer as 27th January 2007. I didn't know about new movies that's releasing anytime soon. Heck, I didn't even stepped into the cinema since ages ago. Guess I've been living in a forest all this while and everything's so screwed up.

CNY is approaching and the atmosphere is still same. Except for the exceptionally hot weather. Been sweating like a pig. Quoted from Joanne.
Me? Still learning. 3rd lesson this coming Thursday.
Made an initiative to call a company just now. Asked to go for an interview this Monday. But I don't dare to put high hopes. Just keep my fingers crossed.

Chatted with some old friends and realised how time flies. Time=money. Haha.
If if if if if I get the job, I'm planning a holiday for myself. Yes, only me and maybe few friends to somewhere. Taking some days off this busy city that is always packed and jam.
I wonder how will I survive on the road even if I pass the driving test? Anyone, dare to be my first passenger?Haha. God knows.

Studies? Leave it first. Most probably will enrol in INTI this coming May. Many things should have been sorted out during this two month's break. But my mind is still blank.
Will computer science suits me? Or business information system is better?
Which one has a brighter future since there are so many fresh graduates outside with degree?
Kindly enlighten me, someone.

I think that's all I wanna write about. Oh yea, I've gotten myself over MY LUCKY STAR. So, now no more, nothing, nil. Except I miss Photoshop . But I always knew that this slow computer won't allow me to run the program. There goes my dream and hobby, kaput!

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