Saturday, January 06, 2007

After school commence on the third, I had no time for the cyberspace anymore. Partially because of my studies and also because I was too busy with tuition.

I received two presents on the first day, first from Sin Yong and the second one was from Joanne and Lu Ying. A piggy and also a bracelet.

The first presentation of this year is coming up next Tuesday. And it's History. Additional Mathematics and Math is so far so good. Chemistry sucks. Biology is still the same, no pain no gain. And yea, that reminds me to remind Lu Ying about the potatoes next week. PJ is still the same. I'll be doing the written work of the first task that we did the other day. The rest is just erm.. something..

My glasses broke yesterday and this morning went to check my eyes. Astigmatism and short-sightedness. I had a hard time choosing the frames.

I guess that's all right now.
Till I have the time to update again.


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