Wednesday, December 06, 2006

So, Flash 8 is finally here in my computer. I have been trying to install it days back but I could not figure out about the ISScript.msj needed. After some surfing done just now, I finally learned the trick. I ought to thank Kevin.
But I don't have the interest to explore it now. Maybe later or tomorrow. It seems to be very complicated for me, a newbie.

It seems like everybody has been posting their Christmas list these days as Christmas is drawing nearer as well as my birthday. =]
Anyway, I don't feel like having a big party about this event albeit this is my sweet sixteenth. It does not make any difference to me. I really don't feel it at all. What I miss is the celebration of Christmas last year NOT my birthday. I can still remember the last Christmas Eve vividly. It was the best, at least for now. Went to Gurney, met my friends and gathered to fool around till midnight. I am wondering whether my Dad would let me celebrate like that this coming Christmas Eve. But Joanne has asked me to go together with her to watch the drama of her church. Well, chicken fart! =P

What I want to do is Christmas shopping. I want a digital camera or maybe video camera. And I have been pestering my Dad to get one for me since the beginning of the year. I want some new clothes too. My wardrobe needs something new. I told my Mom a few days back that I want a skirt. What I got from her was scoldings. She said I'll be wasting money because I don't usually wear any skirt or dress. Not even once in a year. Yes, this is undeniably true. But, but, but...
The but(s) goes on......... Until I get what I'm wishing for.

I have the checked my computer just now and realised my RAM is only 256 MB. Like WTH!
It works really very slow. But thank God, it does not hang.
I was thinking to get a new hard disk, DVD rom, DVD burner, etc.. Upgrade the system and just make everything to move fast and smoothly. Especially Photoshop and Flash. I have to wait like minutes before I can use them. Unfortunately, I missed the PC Fair...

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