Sunday, December 03, 2006

I'm going to bitch this time! I don't care! However, I'll try my very best not to swear like what I used to. Dammit!!!!!

Let me tell you the reason. Well, it's basically because of the Flash class today. Dammit!!
I was doing good this the absolute excellent lecturer (my foot!) came to my place! Grrrrrrrr!!!! I feel like swallowing him alive! Slurpppp!!!!!
The bubbles were doing fine until he asked me to double-click that bloody thing! I'm so frustrated that I have to do it again and again and again!! Dammit!!!
If he is the lecturer for Photoshop, I'm sure that I can beat him! He asked me to double-click that bubble and it ended up like merging the layers together in Photoshop! And the rest of the stuff I drew earlier was GONE!! Dammit!!!
I doubt his capability in teaching!! Arghhhhhh!!!!!
Earlier when I was trying out the lessons provided in that program, he said 'No need la, Miss'!
OK, fine, I obeyed. He should actually be thankful that I took the initiative to learn myself and lighten his burden. Unfortunately, he didn't!
Before that, there was an exercise he asked me to do. Then I finished the exercise early and tried my hands on some other things based on the lessons. After that, the 'No need la, Miss!' came. He asked me whether I'm done and of course I said yes. I didn't mean to look down on him or anything but he ruined my exercise! Dammit!!!!


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