Friday, November 24, 2006

8.18PM-Joanne called

Wai Yee:Hello.
Joanne:You know what? Journey to the West is aired!
Wai Yee: I thought you watched before already. What channel is it?
Joanne:34 (laughing madly)
Wai Yee: So? You call me just because of this?
Joanne: No, it's so nice! The monkey, the pig, how the fight the monsters, the song etc... What are you doing?
Wai Yee: Online. Come online also la.
Joanne: Cannot. It's showing now. Bye bye.
Wai Yee: Bye.

That was our conversation just now.

Another crap written for the sake of "updating my blog". Thank you very much for reading. I wonder what's her reaction when she actually reads this. Maybe you will not see me again.

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