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Confessions of a broken heart

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Title of this post: Confessions of a broken heart

I was supposed to type this entry out last night. But I failed as my sister was using the computer. After I came back from tuition last night (Forest-Physics), I saw my sister chatting with her friends and to my surprise a guy I know. Then Sin Yong requested to my sister to let me conquer the computer for half an hour. She did agreed to let me to use. I was really grateful but she sat beside me and watched all my conversations. Lack of privacy!

Continued on 2nd of March 2006:
Yesterday was such a bad and one of the worst day for me. I had a bad quarell with my Mom because of my brother. I was really exhausted after school and headed to bed straight after I reached home. He was like attacking me with his Mathematics questions about fractions. I did teach him! At least some of it, then half way, I asked him to go bath first. He went to bath and tried to wake me up after he finished his business. I was really tired and I couldn't afford to wake up. I shouted at him, I'll teach you tonight. And because of that, I had a bad quarell with my Mom. It's just so unfair to be treated like that. He's the only son in our family and he gets more attention from my parents unlike my sister and me. We both always get scoldings and etc. I'm kind of like a maid in the mouse doing all those house chores. OK fine! I obey! But please don't treat me like that just becuase of my brother acting like that! It's just so unfair for me. Will you like it if when you're sleeping and out of nowhere someone urged you to get up and teach him Maths? That's a no-no right? Sigh. And being scolded just because of that? That's so ridiculous! Besides that, Sin Yong also pasted something for me to read in MSN that really got into my nerves. Jasen (someone that used to be in my life for sometime) said to Sin, sort of like confess that last time he went to other girls when I wasn't by his side when he need me. Fine! I finally found out the truth after sometime. I knew he went into Jessy and San San last year. He's totally not the right guy for me. Go for other girls when I'm not by his side when he need me? LOL! Means I have to be by his side for 24 hours? Nah, this won't be. Even forever! Finish about him. I've deleted all the testimonials that he wrote for me in Friendster. He told Sin Yong that he longed to call me his dear again and still keep my messages and bla bla bla. But I'm curious about his words? Is he honest? I've lost my faith in him long time ago and it can't be gained back anymore. Not even forever!

I'll continue on something else. What about something that happened in school today? Alright, school is basically nothing special today except it's weird seeing Sin Yong walking around with Cavell's tee shirt. She belongs to the Fry. Lol. Khaw is basically normal today and so are the others in the class. By the way, it's Daphne's birthday today and we're asked by the monitor in the class to sing a birthday song for her. We did but some actually showed their unsatisfied face and was grumbling about that. I wonder who requested to sing for her. I was changing from my PJ clothes to my uniform in the small and narrow 'office' behind the class when they were singing. Then I followed Illy to tour around the school and paid Pn. Nazariah, our glamourous and kind Maths teacher. Why we said that she's kind? Because she's willing to pay for the book that Fitriyah brought together to MRSM. Even though it's only RM4.30 but it's really kind of her that she's willing to pay for the girl. Such a good and dedicated teacher. This teacher and this incident somehow reminds me of my ex-BM tuition teacher, her eyes have the symbol of $ only. $_$! Hate it! I've just downloaded JJ's album from somewhere on the net and the song 'Now That She's Gone' is so great! I simply love all his songs. I'm obsessed with some songs now for instance It's Over Now-Natasha Thomas and JJ's album (Cao Cao) and not to forget Guang Liang's Yue Ding! Oh my god, how I wish I could play Chinese songs during the Sports Day when I'm having my duty in the PA system. But too bad, it would be impossible because we are allowed only to play Malay and English songs. That's so bad! But bear in mind please Miss Wai Yee, what type of country are you living in? OK, fine! >.<

Damn! My English is deteriorating! Having bad times now. Still not talking to my Mom. I got my Add Maths topical test marks today and it's just so terrible! 35/50! I'm really guilty because I wasted my Dad's money for tuition and yet, I got this kind of terrible result. I hope I can do better in my mid-semester exam which is coming soon! Will be working hard on it! My Biology and my Add Maths! I won't let them down again! Hopefully I can do it and wish me luck OK? Yea, I know you will! *Wishing deeply and girns*

By the way, now it's the story time of a girl named Sin Yong.
Extracted from Story of a Girl-3 Doors Down
This is a story of a girl who wished bla bla bla. I forgotten the lyrics! *Booo Me*
Why did she looked so sad in photographs and I absolutely love her when she smiles. Bla bla bla.
Sin Yong's got a date. Muahahahaha. From an official Mr. Pilot! Finally a happy ending! =) My opinion had not gone to waste last time when Sin asked for my opinion whether to accept him back or not. I said yea, why not? Because he sounded confident in making my dear friend his Valentines.

I've gone through my list to be done and I'll try to jot it down here.
  1. Moral Folio
  2. BI Oral
  3. Add Maths
  4. BM Folio
  5. BI Folio
  6. Chemistry
  7. Physics Paper
  8. The list will be continued as the owner of the blog is currently having short term memory.

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