Sunday, November 13, 2005

I need fast money!

As what I've mentioned in my previous post, I hang out yesterday in Gurney Plaza with a few of my good friends such as Liani, Joanne, Lu Ying, Sin Yong and my sister. We watched corpse bride which turned out some kind like a bit boring. I think emily rose is better that what we watched. Anyway, it's still nice because I'm with the person that brighten up my life (friends). It doesn't matter about the movie. Anyway, I think I'm going to watch Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire next time. The advertisement showed before the movie is really cool and spectacular. Before watching the movie, we went for 'Jalan-jalan cari makan'. Haha. We're stucked in Sushi King and we saw Janell there too. Together with her god brother. Joanne was so cute when she called Janell. In the phone :
Joanne : Hello! Where are you? (Talking sarcasticly)
Janell : Where are you?
Joanne : Are you wearing a red T-shirt and a blue bagpack?

Then later she came and find us in Sushi King. Haha. So cute ler. Then Liani arrived at 2.30. We then headed for so many toilets! (Joanne is a toilet freak) Around 2.50, we went into the cinema. Cinema 5. The same 'big' cinema that I watched Polar Express that both Carmen and Shu Mei fell asleep beside me. I was like trying to stop my tears that time. It was bloody cold and the movie is some kind like very touching. Still I don't get any idea why both of them could sleep during that movie. Haha. (As if ler, I never sleep before during a movie) I think the first time I sleep in the cinema while the movie was going down is in the cinema in Genting. Went there together with Khaw Lin, Sin Yong, Carmen. I slept during the movie Sky High. But still, I managed to wake up and watch the ending part. Not really nice because the main actor sucks! How I wish the main actor is Jesse McCartney. That will make a full seat for every show and the price is like fucking high while I'm so broke. Hehe. I came back around 6.40 already. Then I bathed, eat, read the story books that I've bought and pack the clothes I'm going to bring down to Fusion Patrol meeting place. Well Jolene's house was so big and nice. I borrowed them my black sleeveless top and white baby T. They're having their audition on Wednesday. They asked me to come and visit them. But I'm not sure whether I can make it or not. After I passed them the stuff, I went to my Aunt's house in Seberang Perai. Two of cousins now staying with her because they work in Sony factory somewhere near her house. Ei, I also want to work. Any suggestion? I need fast money! I'm so broke now. My dad ask me to stay there also if I want to work but how about my tuiton? In my mind, I still choose to go to tuition. We came back around 12 something already. Then I just sleep as soon as my head touches my pillow. Awww. The feeling is so nice, sleeping in my bed. Alright now, I'm just back from having my breakfast. I'm so fat! Sin Yong is dieting. She watched us while we eat sushi yesterday. Pity her! But hello, it's not the time for you to diet. Your tummy is like twice smaller than mine. Why you still want to diet? I don't get it. But it's your problem, so I'll just leave this part like that. Haha. You already gave Mr. Pilot your blog address. Then when he read about your last post when you wrote that he likes you, what do you think he will think? I don't know. It's your business. I don't want to be the lamp post.

Anyway, I'm having problem with my skin now. Bloody hell, the designer of this skin's account in photobucket has his/her account bandwidth exceeded. And I'm so dead. No pictures for the navigation! I'll try to solve it later.

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